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Welcome to the Alumni Wiki
A resource for EMBL staff and alumni on the move.
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Life after EMBL

The Chapter View

What is the Alumni wiki ?

The Alumni Wiki is a career resource offered by the EMBL Alumni Association for people who are about to leave or have already left EMBL. The contributions reflect the wealth of experience of alumni who have made the transition from EMBL into various working sectors for the benefit of all staff and alumni.

May I contribute ?

You can contribute by e-mailing or the responsible editor named on each page. Alternatively, you can add your suggestion to the "discussion" tab at the top of the relevant page. This action will generate an automatic e-mail to the responsible editor, who can then incorporate your text, link or suggestion into the page. All contributions will be acknowledged with the name and country location of the contributor.

See the Help section for editing tips.

All participants of the wiki training course can make a contribution via the Avalon pages.

Recent contributions

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